McDonalds New Campaign

McDonald’s (home of the 17 ingredient french fry) new campaign wants you to “think with your mouth”. Of course they don’t want us to really think, after all if we are thinking about what we eat, we wouldn’t be eating their “food”.

McDonald’s “food” is more toxic chemicals than real food. Their products are full of GMO’s and keep Monsanto in business. Every time someone buys “food” from them they are voting with their money and supporting Monsanto!

The meat they mix with the toxic chemicals they use  comes from CAFO’s (Confined Animal Feed Operations), where the animals are poorly cared for and pumped up with antibiotics to attempt to protect them from the diseases they are exposed to by being forced to live in their own filth!

So please please please, do not listen to McDonald’s request for you to think with your mouth.  Please think with your brain, or think with your heart.  I know it’s not easy to eat healthy and I know it seems more expensive, but if we keep giving these companies our money they will keep feeding us unhealthy food.  The only way we can change things is to think and vote with our dollar!


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