Documentary Sunday(Ok, Monday) – Monsanto a Documentary AKA David vs. Monsanto

This was suppose to be posted yesterday, but I forgot to publish. Enjoy!


23 thoughts on “Documentary Sunday(Ok, Monday) – Monsanto a Documentary AKA David vs. Monsanto

    • What about the other farmers who have made the same claim? Are they all lying as well? What about the farmer who found GMO wheat on land? He couldn’t have purchased the seed illegally since it hasn’t been approved. Just because one farmer may have lied (common knowledge and actual proof are very different things) doesn’t mean they are all lying. We also need to keep in mind that Monsanto has a history of lying and they also have a motive to lie.

      • I think it’s become fashionable to go against companies like Monsanto, and that’s what these guys are doing. It’s important to remember that if not for GMO crops, half the planet wouldn’t be able to afford to eat. With round up ready crops we use less herbicide, less fertilizer, and less fuel, keeping more farmers in business, competition higher, and food costs lower.

      • A) your logic is flawed regarding how Monsanto is supposedly feeding the world and most of the documentaries here as well as science that has not been compromised by money and corruption shoots holes in your logic. i could argue the point in greater detail or you could watch the documentaries i have posted and give your opinion which since you want to discuss this, instead of answering my question to you about CAFO’s, would be the most fair thing to do. For the record Organic has proven more drought resistant than GMO. Organic has also produced higher yields since weeds and insects are becoming resistant to bt and glyphosate used on and in GMO crops. The only reason GMO seems to cost less is due to heavy government subsidization and b) according to Monsanto’s own website Percy did not purchase seed, he saved seed (

      • There are a lot of third party studies showing the safety of gmo foods. These documentaries are biased and fail to approach the subject in an objective manner. And I answered your question in great detail. Should be there now.

      • There are no long term third party studies that prove GMO safety. If there are, please provide links to them. And who’s to say you are not bias. After all if GMO’s are dangerous, as a feedlot doctor, sick animals would be profitable. I’m not saying you don’t care about the animals, the point i am making is we all eat and we all have an opinion on this. Your livelihood is based on animals fed GMO which means you could be considered bias. I don’t appreciate being kept in the dark for 20 years and not being given a choice to know that GMO’s are in the food supply. Monsanto fought to not label GMO’s why, because they felt they would lose profit, that right there shows bias.

        I look forward to the proof that GMO’s are safe.

      • is as questionable as any of the information I have provided. The website has been promoted by Monsanto and shows the same bias you accuse the information I have provided from showing. You seem to be under the impression that I am anti-science, which I am not. I am a)anti-big corporations b)against government corruption and c) against dangerous pesticides. GM foods have not delivered as promised, they have not lowered the amount of pesticides used, and have in fact required more pesticides due to insects and weeds becoming tolerant. Since they are meant to kill all insects and all weeds (unless they have been Monsantofied) they are hurting the bee population and are requiring more sprays and stronger chemicals. The pesticides are ruining our soil and the food produced is not as nutrient rich as it’s non-gmo counterpart. Bt toxin causes insects stomachs to explode, why would anyone think for one second that it’s safe for human consumption, or for animal consumption for that matter. Yes we are bigger, but we eat more which means we have more exposure.

        With regards to Percy Schmeiser, sounds like you have given up on defending yourself, as you know as well as I do that the correct party to go after would have been the seller of the seed, and it’s a moot point anyway, since as I said before, Monsanto’s own website says he saved seed, not that he “bought it from a third party who illegally sold it to him”.

        As for who is more bias…I’ve researched both sides, and I have friends who work in bio-engineering. I am not saying there is not a place for the science. What I am saying is that the science is to new to be feeding it to the masses, and we should all be given a right to decide if we want to eat GM food or not. Since most countries (except the USA and Canada) require some type of labeling or have banned GM’s all together, obviously I am not the only one who feels this way.

        Two more things I want to say to you, and I’ll admit one is petty, but you are a blogger and an animal doctor so I expect some intelligence.

        1) Natural foods are NOT organic. I don’t eat natural foods, because natural foods are still GMO and do not go through any regulations. Therefore I will not be enjoying any “natural food” since “natural” as used by corporations is misleading to say the least, and a downright lie to say the most (and people wonder why people that are against GMO do not trust big corporations). and 2) (yes this is petty), it’s “here” not “hear”. I am going to write this off as a typo and that you were just in a rush to try and prove me wrong. Either way, you are not going to change my mind and I’m not going to change yours. Good luck.

      • Interesting that you accuse me of providing “pseudo science” but you can’t be bothered to tell me what exactly what I have said that could be considered pseudo science. You have also done very little to back up any of your claims that go against what Monsanto has told the public. I find it even more interesting that you can accuse me of bias when you in fact provided a website that is considered questionable due to it’s bias towards biotechnology. Ultimately it comes down to this, if GM food is so wonderful and so safe, why have companies fought so hard to prevent labeling it the United States. If most Americans are like you then it wouldn’t matter if it was labeled or not.

        As for the “petty comment”, it wasn’t really a petty comment, it was a petty for me to point it out but it was a fact, which I apologize for having to point out. It’s just that I would just expect much more from someone who is as smart as you are.

      • Everything you propose is pseudo science. The bees, increased yields in organic crops, more spraying. All of it. Show me one legitimate study with an appropriate scale and control group that says GMOs are unsafe, and I will withdraw. Show me one peer reviewed paper that says GMOs are unsafe, and I will withdraw. The best you’ll be able to show me is an article from Elle about how gmo corn causes allergies.

      • Actually Q8 of this article substantiates my claim that GMO’s have not been proven safe. Did you not read your own article??? There are no long term studies and this section alone validates that GMO’s have not been proven definitively safe! The wording in this section alone is skirting around the issue of safety so that the WHO won’t be held liable if GMO’s are not proven safe. Below is the excerpt i am referring to.

        Q8. Are GM foods safe?

        Different GM organisms include different genes inserted in different ways. This means that individual GM foods and their safety should be assessed on a case-by-case basis and that it is not possible to make general statements on the safety of all GM foods.

        GM foods currently available on the international market have passed risk assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health. In addition, no effects on human health have been shown as a result of the consumption of such foods by the general population in the countries where they have been approved. Continuous use of risk assessments based on the Codex principles and, where appropriate, including post market monitoring, should form the basis for evaluating the safety of GM foods.

      • But the seed seller sold it illegally and made profit doing so, so ultimately they should be held liable. Percy could easily claim the seller didn’t disclose the origin.

      • So by that logic, if I sell you crack cocaine, and we both get caught, only I would get arrested? Not how it works. The distributor gets the heftier sentence, but both parties are still guilty of illegal activity.

      • But the distributor didn’t get in any trouble did they? And in places like Canada the buyer would be treated as a victim as drug abuse is considered a disease, meaning treatment not punishment.

      • But he could easily claim the seller did not disclose that the seed was Monsanto’s GMO seed, therefore going after the seller of the seed would have set a better example. If someone is selling synthetic marijuana aka Spice, the seller is who the cops go after. They may go after the buyer as well but usually a buyer can cut a deal by giving information on the seller!

      • Explain why they could only get one? Why couldn’t they go after the seller? This is all hypothetical, since again according to Monsanto he saved seed (which would imply that he purchased Monsanto seed in the past). Of course according to Percy, he was a victim of seed drift (which isn’t the easiest thing to prove unfortunately). If the truth is what you say, and someone sold illegal seed to a farmer who did not have a contract with Monsanto, then that would mean what Monsanto states is a lie, and Percy could sue them for providing false information to the public. You’re logic still makes absolutely no sense and ultimately I would take the information on Monsanto’s own website over yours, mainly because they have lawyers who I am sure counselled them on what they could safely disclose.

    • Also, how does one illegally purchase seed from a local seed grower? Wouldn’t the seed grower be the party at fault? Shouldn’t Monsanto have sued the party who sold the seed, since they illegally sold their patented product?

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