Documentary Sunday – A River of Waste: The Hazardous Truth About Factory Farms

Our food system is NOT the safest in the world and we are so far removed from our food that most Americans do not even realize it. We continue to get sick but we do not realize that our food is what is making us sick. This week’s doc is a real eye opener. Because it does show footage of the mistreatment of animals which big farms do not seem to show any respect for, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!!!

You can catch this doc on Netflix as well.

Take Action Sunday

I’ve been a little under the weather this week, so I haven’t watched any new docs. I might still watch one and post a Documentary Sunday (or Monday or Tuesday).  So instead of Documentary Sunday, I am deeming this Sunday – Take Action Sunday.  Below are some links to some Non-GMO petitions.  Please go sign them!  TAKE ACTION!!! petitions

Say No to GMO Apples

Save the Bees – Ban Neonicotinoids

White House – We The People petitions

Support mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMO’s)

Ban Monsanto’s Genetically modified Food products in the United States

Documentary Sunday – Chemerical: Redefining Clean for a New Generation

This week’s doc isn’t about GMO’s but it is about the chemicals in our environment. The chemicals we use that we have been told keep us healthy. This doc was really an eye opener for me, I while I do still use some chemicals, I have cut out a lot of my cleaning supplies, having replaced them with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and Isopropyl alcohol.

You can also watch this doc on Netflix.