Kelloggs and Craig C Noring Part 2


If you don’t do what Pro-GMO loonies want, the resort to calling school yard names.


Big Corporations hiding behind Facebook’s Help Center!

So, when I find a suggested post on my wall which is something a corporation pays Facebook to do, I take it as an opportunity to let them know how I feel about their product/company.  I give positive shout outs to the great companies who are GMO free and those who care about our health, but I also let ones that produce and market GMO crap to the masses know how I feel.  Until now, these corporations just ignore these types of posts (yes MANY others do post their opinions as well), but the other day something else happened.  I let Walmart know that I don’t support the fact that they take advantage of government handouts.  Instead of ignoring me they posted the following:

Walmart Hi *********- We recommend that you visit the Facebook Help Center at to learn more about interacting with sponsored stories and ads.

So basically walmart is running and hiding under Facebook’s ‘apron’ because it’s not grownup enough to handle it’s own negative PR.

If you are on Facebook, feel free to let Walmart know how you feel.  You can also let other corporations who continue to rob us of our right to know and continue to feed us food like substances how you feel about their business practices.  If enough of us tell them what we we think, maybe they will FINALLY get it!