Who am I?

I am your neighbor, your family, your friend. I could be anyone. Mostly, I am someone who cares about our food supply. While I am not a Hippy or part of Anonymous, they believe as I do – that corporate America is more concerned with profit and not people!


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Well finally someone has figured out what corporations are, why they do what they do and why they have usurped and twisted an old law of ‘corporation’. A law created after abolition of slavery to help the ‘unslaved’ integrate back into a white dominated society and be able to fund and feed their families. Their legal teams realized their was a hayday coming for them if they incorporated their companies using this law, so they could have the RIGHTS of HUMANS with NO RESPONSIBLITY. When corporations do harm and they do it daily…13 Billion in fines to the biggest and worst pharmaceutical firms in the last couple of years, speaks volumes…no one ever goes to jail. Corporations are immune to prison time. Pay the fine, cost of doing business along with the bribes and lobbyists and liars for hire. Move on and the public will soon forget (especially if you buy the media and prevent the breech of trust from ever being published in the modern manipulated media) We jus keep drinking the ‘koolaid’, like the frog, who when you put it in a pot of water on the stove, with the heat turn up the ever so slowly; will sit there and do nothing until it is boiled to death. That is the track we have taken and a pathogenic path it is. Time to AWAKEN and jump out of the corporate ‘pot’. Thanks for a forum to wake us up.

    Thanks Neighbour for speaking out and keeping us informed and allowing the TRUTH to SURFACE from under all the piles of corporate press releases eagerly ‘eaten up’ by a lazy, fawning modern media kept in the pocket of the mega-multinationals.

    Best to you,

    • Thank you for reading and for seeing the corporate corruption that exists but not all yet see. The masses are starting to finally wake up though and we get new people seeing the corruption daily. We will succeed as long as we continue to shine a light in the dark corners.

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