Aina Warriors (Land Warriors)

Aina Warriors (Land Warriors)

WARNING:  The video in this link does include some disturbing images, but what’s more disturbing is that these photographs probably shouldn’t even exist. What’s more disturbing is that with how isolated the Hawaiian Islands are it truly showing us what is slowing happening to the rest of us due to the heavy use of pesticides.

I want to thank our great friends in Hawaii for sharing this video which discusses the issues that they have experienced with GMO’s and pesticide use that companies like Monsanto, Syrgenta and BASF are using.   These companies are using land around people’s homes and around schools as their test fields.

If you would like to check out testimony regarding Hawaii’s fight against GMO’s, check out Mom’s Hui Kaua’i Youtube page (


McDonalds New Campaign

McDonald’s (home of the 17 ingredient french fry) new campaign wants you to “think with your mouth”. Of course they don’t want us to really think, after all if we are thinking about what we eat, we wouldn’t be eating their “food”.

McDonald’s “food” is more toxic chemicals than real food. Their products are full of GMO’s and keep Monsanto in business. Every time someone buys “food” from them they are voting with their money and supporting Monsanto!

The meat they mix with the toxic chemicals they use  comes from CAFO’s (Confined Animal Feed Operations), where the animals are poorly cared for and pumped up with antibiotics to attempt to protect them from the diseases they are exposed to by being forced to live in their own filth!

So please please please, do not listen to McDonald’s request for you to think with your mouth.  Please think with your brain, or think with your heart.  I know it’s not easy to eat healthy and I know it seems more expensive, but if we keep giving these companies our money they will keep feeding us unhealthy food.  The only way we can change things is to think and vote with our dollar!

Walmart and GMO’s

I have friends and family on Facebook and in real life that frequent Walmart.  They love the place, enough to like them on Facebook and share when they go to Walmart.  Other than there visits to Walmart, these friends and family are not people you would think would go to Walmart.  

I will admit, I am guilty of frequenting Walmart in my past.  With one being about a mile away from my house, it was kinda hard not to…and like everyone else I was lulled by their low prices.  I can’t say that I haven’t stepped into a Walmart in the past few months, as I did, due to the convenience of being open 24 hours, but I do my best to avoid giving them my money and the only time I buy food from them it’s organic (Stonyfield Farms Greek yogurt to be specific).  If this means I spend a few more dollars on something,or I go to Costco to buy in bulk, I will.  Why?  Because I found that ultimately I spend less by avoiding Walmart, and I am healthier now that I stay way from that place. 

How do I spend less you might ask?  Simple, I don’t impulse buy.  If I want clothes, I go to a clothing store, if I want food, I go to a grocery store, pet supplies, pet store.  Plus I get better quality items by going to places that specialize in these items.  My grocery store has beautiful produce…organic!  They also have many other organic items.  Pet store, I use to buy paper bedding for pets, but Walmart raised the price (this was the last  item I was buying from them before I finally eliminated them from my shopping options).  It ended up being cheaper for me to go to Petco and Petsmart for these.

And let us not forget that Walmart’s low prices are subsidized by our taxes.  Walmart helps their employees apply for Medicaid and food stamps. So their prices may seem low, but that’s just an illusion.  Just like the illusion that Genetically Engineered foods are cheaper.  The truth is that our tax dollars pay to subsidize companies who grow them (King Corn is a great documentary about this process).  

So you are probably wondering, why is this person going off on a rant about Walmart, and what does this have to do with GMO foods.  Well here we go:

  1. Walmart heavily markets GMO brands.  Kraft, Kelloggs and General Mills have advertised on sale consistently.   Walmart also markets these items on their Facebook feed, and they pay Facebook to promote these products.  Since Walmart and Monsanto are both such big companies, they can pay to promote their items, whereas smaller companies cannot.
  2. By encouraging their employees to apply for state and federal assistance (Food Stamps specifically), they are paying their employees below the poverty line.  If you are barely making it on the money you have, you are going to buy cheap food.  GMO’s are subsidized so they appear to be cheap.  However, this is a fallacy.  Just because you can get a burger for a dollar and organic produce at the grocery store appears to be more, you can make multiple meals for what you by.  So lets say you spend $5-6 for two organic chicken breasts (yes you can find them for this much, if you buy in bulk).  You then buy some Quinoa in bulk, for say $3.  Chicken Broth (again organic) for $3.  So you take these items and maybe an onion for $1.  Put them all in a crock pot, you’ve spent $13.  But you have now made enough food to last you at least 5 days.  That comes out to a little over $2 a meal.  A burger, fries and a drink off the dollar menu will cost you $3. I didn’t include tax in any of this, but I think it gets the point across.
  3. Walmart teamed up with Monsanto to sell Genetically Engineered sweet corn for human consumption, without a label.  Oh and their employees didn’t even know about this.  I had actually said something about it to a cashier last year, and she was kind of shocked.

I am sure I can point out more than the three rants above, but these three drive the point home of why by supporting Walmart you are supporting GMO’s.  Now, if I could only get my family and friends to see this.  Unfortunately, some people are just not ready for this information.  

Oh and on a side note, when an item becomes popular at Walmart, they raise the price.  They did this with certain mascara brands and with my paper bedding.  Both of these items at their lower prices were selling out often.  Not sure what happened when they raised the prices on them, but for me it just gave me an excuse to buy them from somewhere else.