Why eating Organic/Non-GMO doesn’t cost more (personal experience)

So,  I have been non-GMO/organic for about 8 months or so now.  I actually tried going organic in 2008, but since the potential problems with GMO’s were being hidden from us, and since eating organic was expensive back then (with limited options), I must admit I didn’t stick with it long.  The other thing was that it was hard to stick to it, since GMO’s are addictive, and I would crave the junk that was out there that I had been eating. 

Skip to 2012.  I was promoted and the job I was doing required long hours.  I was good at the job, but because of those long hours, making time for working out and eating healthy was difficult.  I’d find myself eating out often, and sleep took priority over fitness.  My doctor had told me I needed to lose weight.  However, the last time I had tried, it was in an incredibly unhealthy way, which included diet pills and ended up with my having anxiety attacks that lasted way to long and involved me being put on prescription meds for anxiety and depression.  Which caused weight gain and made me not care. Fortunately, I didn’t get stuck on those for long!  

So, I went to the doctor.  But not my general practitioner.  I went to my OBGYN, but not because I was trying to find out how to lose weight.  I was 37 years old and I had finally decided that I wanted to have a baby.  This was a big step for me, since I had spent most of my life thinking that I didn’t want kids.  My husband and I had gone through many ups and downs during our 10 years together and since his job kept him away from home, I had decided that children were just not in my future.  I am not sure why I changed my mind, but his change in jobs and some of the other life experiences we had I am sure are the reason. Plus I have grown and changed since we first met and so has he.

The doctor told me that while my age did put me in a high risk category, it was more my weight that would be the bigger issues.  I am 5 feet tall, and on that day that he weighed me I weighed 171 lbs.  An all time high for me.   I knew that day that I needed to change things. I started out by downloading a calorie counting app on my nook,  I stuck to it and started working out daily.  While others use their treadmills as a clothing hanger (which I was guilty of as well), I started actually using it.  But I had does this all before.  I had dropped weight and always ate pretty healthy, so I knew it had to be more than just counting calories and working out.  I thought maybe it was my age, but it still just didn’t seem like this was right.  Something had changed to cause my weight to balloon to 171 lbs.  I was 135 lbs when I met my husband and dropped down to 105 when we were dating.

Then I started to realize some things.  One, I live 2 minutes or less away from a street that is full of fast food joints.  There are two McDonald’s within a block of each other.  I started researching and realized that while I was eating healthy food, I was also consuming a lot of food that I thought wasn’t that bad, but it was horrible.  So I made a deal with my husband.  I decided to go organic/non-gmo except when it isn’t entirely possible (dinner with friends, celebratory meals, etc). I must admit, at first it was hard to spend an extra dollar for mac and cheese so I wasn’t buying Kraft.  But as I started to eliminate GMO’s, I found that I wasn’t as hungry, and saying no to things I normally found I couldn’t was easy.  I love chocolate, and when they would give us candy at work or feed us, I would not be able to say no.  I find now that I can and I do. What we are given as candy isn’t good!  I learned this when I started eating candy that wasn’t full of High Fructose Corn Syrup.  Now, I still have chocolate, but I don’t have to have a whole bag of m&m’s to curb the craving.  A handful of Unreal’s version of the same type of candy is enough to get me through my day.  Making it much easier to count calories and honestly I save money because a bag of candy that is about the same size will last me around two weeks, not 1 or 2 days. 

I have also found that eating more fruits and veggies (I usually have a green smoothie daily), keeps hunger at bay. I do eat a Luna bar after my workouts, and while I didn’t give up meat, I do consume very little.  Grass fed and organic meats are more expensive, but I don’t feel like I need to eat as much and the flavor of grass fed beef is amazing.  Last time I had a fast food burger all I could taste was the condiments.  

So the title of this entry is why it doesn’t cost more.  I’ve provided some examples, but here are some more. 

  • Since going organic, I have started using my Costco card more, and buying fruits and veggies in bulk.  This makes it easier for me to consume more for less money.
  • Non-GMO/Organic candy, seems more expensive, but you don’t consume as much as there is no addictive qualities so I eat less, and it lasts longer for only a dollar or so more than what I would pay for GMO candy.  This also applies to most if not all GMO vs. Non-GMO foods.
  • I have so much more energy and I am able to make it through my entire day without being tired or wanting to go home from work early and sleep.  This means I can make it through my entire day and I am not losing pay or vacation/personal time.
  • Grass Feed/Organic beef and chicken just taste better.  And since they are not lacking the nutrients that conventional meat does, I may spend more initially but I don’t eat as much as I use, so eating them is a wash with regards to price.
  • Quinoa rocks.  Throwing it in the crockpot with some chicken or beef, and some spices and seasonings makes lunch for a full week, and it’s filling.  Buying Quinoa in bulk saves me money as well.  Per serving I probably spend around $2, and unlike ordering off the dollar menu, I am not tired afterwards.

These are just a few examples, I am sure there are more examples on how eating organic/non-gmo saves money, including less money for medical costs and I will add more as I continue adding to this blog.